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2022 Philippine National and Local Elections | Free Kodigo Generator

Simply follow these steps:

  1. Browse the kodigo!The layout is similar to the actual ballot for your ease of use.
  2. Check and select candidates who you want to vote for. Too many candidates to scroll through? Click the Search icon.
  3. Save for later, print, or share your kodigo! You may choose to abstain/undervote and still generate a kodigo.

Heads up! You keep full ownership of your data and your kodigo. kodigo.me does not store any personal information, nor any information you key in. kodigo.me is not affiliated with COMELEC, Vote Pilipinas, any political party, or any media institution. This is not a survey. This is not an official ballot.

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National Posts


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Local Posts

If you want to select your local candidates, key in your location.

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